2022 Acrylic Bottle Cream Cosmetic Packaging Bottle And Gold Cream Jar

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It is our sales purpose to highlight the advanced feeling and increase the good impression of customers.

Size: D 45 x H 36 mm
Capacity: 10G

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Name: Cosmetic Jar
Item Number: JYCJ-006
Size: D 45 x H 36 mm
Capacity: 10g and more
Material: Acrylic
Color: Clear, Silver, Gold, Black etc.
Usage: Cosmetic Products
MOQ: 3,000 pieces.(MOQ can be lower if we have stock.)
10,000 pieces (Customized logo)
Customized Service: Accept buyer's Logo;
Painting, Decal, Screen printing, Frosting, Electroplate, Embossing, Fade, Label etc.
Delivery Time: *In stock: 35 Days after order payment.
*Out of stock:  35 ~ 45 days after order payment.

Product Description

The cream bottle is made of pure plastic material, which is not easy to break, well sealed and anti-pollution characteristics. Bright gold/silver highlights luxury and adds to the brilliance of color.

Capacity: 5G / 10G
Size: D 32 x H 28.5 mm / D 45 x H 36 mm


Material Details: Outer bottle of PMMA; Inner bottle of PP; Outer cover of PMMA; Inner cover of ABS; Gasket of PE
Uses: Creams, Hair Masks, Scrubs, Makeup Removers.

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What are the characteristics of the acrylic bottle?

1. Excellent sealing
The reason why acrylic bottles are popularized is inseparable from the guarantee of tightness. Its excellent material makes it more suitable for use with plastics. Even if it is impacted and high temperature, it will remain the same. The appearance is recognized in terms of airtightness.

2. Aesthetics guarantee
Now more and more bottles are printed with patterns to ensure aesthetics, and the same is true for acrylic bottles. Because of its smoothness on the surface, it can adapt to different patterns to draw on the surface, which is incomparable to plastic bottles.

3. Security guarantee
In terms of performance, tinplate has strong corrosion resistance, and there is a certain antibacterial property in use. Therefore, acrylic bottle is a sharp tool for product sealed storage, which is recognized by users and ensures the safety of cosmetic storage.

Cream Bottle

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