2022 Hot Luxury Cosmetic Packaging For Colored Cosmetic Cream Bottle With Jar Set

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Small-capacity cream bottle, loved by many customers. Different colors and sizes fully meet customer needs

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Name: Cosmetic Jar
Item Number: JYCJ-002
Size: D 37.4 x H 32 mm
Capacity: 5g,15g,20g and more
Material: PP
Color: White,Black,Blue,Pink or customize
Usage: Cosmetic Products
MOQ: 2,000 pieces.(MOQ can be lower if we have stock.)
5,000- 10,000 pieces (Customized logo)
Customized Service: Accept buyer's Logo;
Painting, Decal, Screen printing, Frosting, Electroplate, Embossing, Fade, Label etc.
Delivery Time: *In stock: 15 Days after order payment.
*Out of stock: 20 ~ 35 days after order payment.

Product Description

Cosmetics are indispensable products in our daily life. From adult face creams, lotions, eye creams, etc., to children's skin care products, cream bottles are needed everywhere.
Different groups of people and different usage scenarios require different capacity collocations.

Color: Colors can be customized, glossy or matte
Size: According to the big data survey, currently we can provide 5g, 15g, 20g, 25g, 50g
Material: PP+PE
Where to use: Cream, gel, eye cream, ointment, sub-pack, trial size

Size Bottle

Detail Analysis

1. One set including: Screw cap + Hand pull gasket + Thickened bottle body

Bottle Lid

2. Large-diameter spiral bottle mouth: convenient for customers to fill liquid/paste, the thread pattern is clear and free of burrs

Bottle Mouth

3. Built-in hand-pull gasket: easy for ladies to extract, easy to use, dust-proof design, to ensure the cleanliness of the cream inside

Inner Cap Bottle

4. Sleek bottle body: The arc design is used in the bottle, and there is no dead angle when digging out, reducing waste

Cream Bottle

Precautions before use:

1. Compatibility test: Please confidently test the compatibility of packaging materials before use, so as to avoid material deterioration caused by the incompatibility between the contents and packaging materials, and the long-term storage of sub-packaged contents may also cause deterioration or sub-package containers. dyeing.

2. Recommendation: Do not put food or beverages (you can purchase food-grade containers if necessary), or contents of petroleum, perfume, strong acid and alkali, and high alcohol content.

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