2022 Hot Selling Christmas Design Reed Diffuser Sticks With Colored Ball

Short Description:

Reed Diffuser sticks designed for Christmas Holiday, add color to Perfume products, make you feel good and increase the festive atmosphere.

Accept Customize: Different size to match with Reed Sticks; More color for you choice.

Product Detail

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Item: Fiber Stick
Model Number: JY-008
Application: Reed diffuser/ Air Freshener/Home Fragrance
Material: 100% Polyester Yarn
Size: 2mm-15mm Diameter; Length: Customize
Color: Black,White,Gray,Brown,Pink,Red, Green; Accept Customize.
Packing: Bulk/Polybag/Ribbon/Envelop
Price: Based on Size
Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Payment: T/T, Western Union
Certificate: MSDS, SVCH
Port: Ningbo/Shanghai/Shenzhen
Samples: Free samples

Product History

This is a creative product, developed by ourselves.

An old customer of ours needs us to help him purchase this colored ball.

When we received this product, we felt that its color is very bright, which can increase the appearance of aromatherapy products.

In particular, Christmas red and Christmas green are specially matched with fiber sticks, which increase the festive atmosphere and make people feel very good about making an appointment.

So we tried to make some samples and sent them to some customers for reference. Indeed, many customers liked it, and some customers purchased it immediately.

According to our return visit, the customer is selling very well.


How To Choice Ball Size?

It is a polyester material made of ball, provide more different size for you choice. From 5mm to 50mm different diameter size. The size chosen must be based on your Diffuser Sticks diameter.

For example:

3mm Diameter Sticks can match with 20mm Ball, such as our image showing.

Choose the size you like and get the effect you want.

Size Of Ball

How Many Color Can Choice?

Now we can provide more than 40 different existing colors for customers. Almost all customers can choose the color they like, or they can choose the color that suits their products.

Most common: Christmas red, Christmas green, White, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, etc. Those all is Top-selling.


Only Used For Fiber Sticks?


This is a DIY products, the Ball can match with Fiber Sticks or Rattan Sticks all is accept. The ball and the stick are glued together by a hot glue gun, the stability is no problem.

In addition to being used on Reed sticks, it can also be used in glass bottles, packaging, clothing, accessories, etc.



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