5g 15g 30G Custom Popular Cream Jar, Silver Acrylic Bottle Plastic Cosmetic Jars With Lids

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This one is an acrylic material octagonal face cream bottle, it will be the best style to attract customers
Size: D 32 x H 28.5 mm
Capacity: 5G

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Name: Cosmetic Jar
Item Number: JYCJ-005
Size: D 32 x H 28.5 mm
Capacity: 5g,15g,20g and more
Material: Arcylic
Color: Clear, Silver, Gold,Black
Usage: Cosmetic Products
MOQ: 3,000 pieces.(MOQ can be lower if we have stock.)
10,000 pieces (Customized logo)
Customized Service: Accept buyer's Logo;
Painting, Decal, Screen printing, Frosting, Electroplate, Embossing, Fade, Label etc.
Delivery Time: *In stock: 15 Days after order payment.
*Out of stock: 20 ~ 35 days after order payment.

Product Description

Cosmetic products are indispensable products in every customer's life. Usually we see glass bottles and plastic materials.
This product is made of acrylic and has its own characteristics.

Item: 5g star anise bottle
Material: acrylic
Color: The bottle is transparent, the liner is white, and the silver top cover is bright silver
Use: Suitable for cosmetics such as creams, films, powders, nail polishes, etc.
Features: Excellent light transmission, soft light, dazzling, round and smooth. Give customers a different experience.
Specification selection: This model has 2 capacities, 5G and 10G for customers to choose.

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What are the precautions when we use acrylic products?

1.The thermal deformation stability of ordinary acrylic products is about 100 degrees, so pay attention to this temperature value when using acrylic products. For example, the temperature should not be higher than 90 degrees during continuous use.

2.The hardness of the surface of acrylic products is equivalent to that of aluminum, so care should be taken to prevent the surface from being scratched when using or processing acrylic. If it is scratched, it can be polished to restore its glossy appearance.

3.If the acrylic products are blurred or unclean due to slight scratches or the adsorption of dust generated by static electricity, you can use 1% soapy water to wipe them clean with a soft cloth.

Cream Bottle

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