Colored Natural Rattan Material Reed Diffuser Sticks For Home Perfume Bottle

Short Description:

Colored rattan, post-processing on natural material.
Add more creativity to aromatherapy products and increase product diversification.
Let customers create more different aromatherapy products.

Diameter : 2mm – 20mm
Length: 5cm – 100cm, or your needs 150cm or 200cm also can do.
Packing: in bulk or customized.

Product Detail

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Item: Rattan Stick
Model Number: JY-027
Application: Reed diffuser/ Air Freshener/Home Fragrance
Material: Rattan Sticks
Size: 2mm-15mm Diameter; Length:Customised
Color: Black,White,Gray,Brown,Pink,Red, Green; Accept Customised.
Packing: Bulk/Polybag/Ribbon/Envelop
Price: Based on Size
Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Payment: T/T,Western Union
Certificate: MSDS, SVCH
Port: Ningbo/Shanghai/Shenzhen
Samples: Free samples

Colored Show

Rattan is a natural material that is itself a natural color and is the most popular color.
All other colors are post-processing custom.
Such as black, gray, red, green, blue, pink, brown and so on.


1. Confirm the dye color selected by the customer
2. Customize the size of the rattan required by the customer, and the color of the rattan is the natural color.
3. Process the natural rattan with dyes
4. After a fixed period of time, take out the colored rattan and conduct microwave treatment (mainly to control the moisture and ensure the dryness of the rattan)
5. If the customer has packaging requirements, pack them into export cartons.

colour rattan sticks

Packing Way

Usually the rattan is exported in bulk, because the customer will process it himself and place it in the aromatherapy after receiving the goods.
However, there are also some customers who want us to help complete the packaging (foreign labor is more expensive, and it is more troublesome to customize the material), so we accept all kinds of customized packaging.

For example:
Raffia : it is a natural material, it can provide Natural and Black color.

Rubber bands: you can choose different colors according to the color .

Ribbons: more options, different materials, different colors, you can print logos.

Transparent tape: it is simple and convenient.

Carton: the price is more expensive, but it highlights the grade, and there are many customized styles, which are not easy to repeat with other customers.

Envelope bag: the price is cheaper than the carton, and it can also be customized

Sticks Packing

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