Customer Service

Our Service

Pre-Sale Service

1. 24 hours on line---Professional sales tem provides services for customized customers and provides you with any consultation, questions plans and requirements.
2. Assist customer in market analysis, find demand and accurately locate market targets.
3. Professional R&D department cooperate with other institutions to research customised formulas.
4. Adjust specific customized production requirements at any time to perfectly meet customer needs.
5. Free samples.

After-Sales Service

1. Provide all documents customer need. Including MSDS, Insurance, Country of Origin etc.
2. Send ETD, ETA and process to customers,
3. Ensure that the qualified rate of products meet customer requirements.
4. Have a formal procedure for the treatment of eventual claims over the products to be supplied.

● Establish the team from mass production, technical ,sales department and choose a team leader.
● Clearly describe the problem in order to understand what we wrong.
● Stop the process, put a temporary fix in place.
● Brainstorm on finding the root cause of the problem, why was is not detected.
● Choose and verify the permanent action plan.
● Validate whether corrective actions are efficient problem is monitored
● Improvements in systems and processes would prevent problem from recurring.
● Summarize the learning and close the case.