How to choose the right material for cosmetics? Part 2

In fact, whether it is glass bottles or plastic bottles, there is no absolute good or bad for these packaging materials. Different companies, different brands, and different products choose to use different products according to their own brand and product positioning, cost, and profit target needs. The "appropriate" (core) packaging material should be a matter of course.



1. The glass bottle has good stability and barrier properties, is non-toxic and tasteless, and is not easy to chemically react with skin care products and is not easy to deteriorate.
2. The glass bottle has good transparency, the contents are clearly visible, and the "face value + effect" conveys a high-level feeling to consumers.
3. The glass bottle has good rigidity, is not easy to deform, and is heavier in weight. Consumers have more weight in their hands and feel more material.
4. Glass bottles have good temperature tolerance and can be sterilized at high temperature and stored at low temperature; glass bottles are more convenient and more thorough to sterilize than plastic bottles.
5. The glass bottle can be recycled and reused without pollution to the environment.

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1. The glass bottle is brittle and easy to break, and it is not easy to store and transport.
2. Glass bottles are heavy and have high transportation costs, especially for e-commerce express delivery.
3. Glass bottle processing consumes a lot of energy and pollutes the environment.
4. Compared with plastic bottles, glass bottles have poor printing performance.
5. Compared with plastic bottles, glass bottles have higher cost, higher mold opening costs, and larger MOQ.

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To sum up, through the comparative analysis of the "advantages" and "disadvantages" of the packaging bottles of the two materials, they have different properties, different characteristics and different advantages. Both "pros" and "cons" are very clear.

We personally think that if considering cost, storage and transportation, and design performance, corporate brands can prefer plastic bottles; if considering stable quality, product appearance, and product grades, especially high-end cosmetics, corporate brands can prefer glass bottles.

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Post time: Oct-12-2022