How to choose the right material for cosmetics?

Cosmetics main container packaging materials are nothing more than three categories of "glass bottles, plastic bottles, and hoses", which all play different important roles in cosmetic packaging. Among them: glass bottles account for no more than 8%, and more than 90% of the other market shares are plastic bottles, hoses, etc. However, there is such a special phenomenon in the cosmetics industry, that is, "high-end cosmetics prefer glass bottle packaging".

Why do high-end cosmetics prefer glass bottle packaging? What is the reason behind it?

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic bottles

1. Compared with glass products, plastic bottles have lower density, lighter weight, adjustable transparency, not easy to break, convenient for storage and transportation, and convenient for consumers to carry and use.

2. Plastic bottles have good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, and have high mechanical strength, easy to shape, and low production loss.

3. Plastic products are easy to color, and colors can be adjusted according to needs, which is easier to achieve packaging design requirements.

4. Compared with glass bottles, the cost of plastic bottles will be relatively low.

Plastic Cream Bottle

1. Plastic materials are prone to chemical reactions with cosmetics, which can easily cause cosmetic deterioration.

2. Plastic bottles are prone to static electricity and the surface is easily polluted.

3. Plastic packaging containers are not environmentally friendly, and discarded items will cause environmental pollution.

4. The overall appearance of plastic packaging containers is relatively cheap, and it is not suitable for high-end routes.


Cosmetics, especially skin care products, is it better to use glass bottles or plastic bottles? This question of choice has been debated for a long time, but it seems that no one can convince the other, and they still choose the packaging material they think is "suitable" - after all, fried radish Each has its own merits!

Plastic Bottle

Post time: Oct-05-2022