How to pack glass bottles to avoid breakage in transportation?

For the glass bottles, there are 2 main packaging methods for glass bottle. For plain bottle, if the customer has no special request, our common packing is to put the bottle into block packing directly.

You may wonder that why your plain bottle cant pack with the single plastic bag before shipment? So lets take this opportunity to address the concerns on the this case.

As the professional glass bottle supplier, our factory produce 400,000PCS bottle every day, the converyor belts of the actual production move so fast, our workers must pack them into the carton quckily, if delay, all the production line will be stopped. In addition, the temperature of the produced bottle is very high, they can not be put into plastic bags directly. So for plain bottle, the most common packing way is to put them in export carton directly.


For the decoration bottle, we will packed each bottle in a plastic bag. The plastic bag can provide the bottle to avoid the scratch and kee the original design safely during the shipment.


How we avoid breakage in transportation?


1. The thicked and harden five-layer corrugated export cartons will be used to ensure the solidity of the carton is hard enough in transportation.
2. Each glass bottle is placed into egg packaging let the bottle seperately to prevent collision and damage.
3. Packed the export cartons on the plastick pallets. And covered the export carton on pallet with transparent film to make it stable enough in transportation. Finally, wrap 2 bands on the pallet to prevent tilt in shipment.

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Post time: Nov-10-2022