How to use different kinds of Reed Diffuser?

In my eyes, smell can be linked to the emotions of adults, and often it is also linked to people's memory plates.

Reed Diffuser

一、The classification and use of Diffuser

  1. Solid aromatherapy: Solid aromatherapy is generally woody, and essential oils are added to it, which has a pleasant smell. Wood aromatherapy can be placed in the dish and placed all over the house, and some can also be ignited in the aroma dish, so that the taste is more intense. Different solid aromatherapy has different sizes, generally speaking, it can burn for more than ten minutes each time it is ignited.


  1. Liquid aromatherapy: Half of the liquid aromatherapy is extracted with plant essential oils, which has a strong aroma and is easy to volatilize. Liquid aromatherapy can be used in aromatherapy lamps. Just add an appropriate amount of water and a few drops of liquid aromatherapy to the aromatherapy lamp, turn on the switch, and the aroma will fill the entire room in a short while. Of course, liquid aromatherapy can also be dripped into the bathtub when taking a bath, which will help both mental and physical relaxation.
Liquid Perfume
  1. Scented candles: Scented candles are a kind of craft candles, which in addition to wax, are also rich in essential oils, so they can release a fragrant smell when burning. Scented candles are more beautiful in shape and more convenient to use, so they are very popular among aromatherapy beginners.
  2. Rattan aromatherapy: Rattan aromatherapy uses rattan and other media to release essential oils into the air. It can continue to generate aroma without using an open flame. The rattan can also be reused, as long as the essential oil is added regularly. Rattan aromatherapy has various shapes, is safe and easy to use, and is also a good choice for beginners.

二、The effect of aromatherapy

Different aromatherapy has different effects. After we figure out our needs, we choose the aromatherapy that suits us. Generally, it has the effects of purifying the air, soothing the nerves and helping sleep, regulating physical condition and mood, etc.

1. Purify the air

Purifying the air is the function of general aromatherapy. The most commonly used ones are rattan aromatherapy and candle aromatherapy. Because the smell of these two kinds of aromatherapy is relatively long-lasting and fresh, it is very suitable to put it in the bathroom or bedroom. It can effectively purify the air and reduce odor.

2. regulate sleep

Modern people have a lot of pressure in life and work, and they often have poor rest, so when we choose aromatherapy, we can choose aromatherapy that can regulate sleep. Oriental scents like the aroma of lavender, rosemary and sandalwood can soothe the nerves, regulate mood and sleep state, and make you sleep more peacefully and comfortably.

3. Beauty and beauty

When many women go to beauty salons, they will have the item of aromatherapy oil massage. Therefore, many floral aromatherapy have beauty effects, such as roses and calendulas, etc., we can use them to steam our faces. Drop some in hot water, the aroma can follow the heat to open the pores of the skin and make our skin more moisturizing.

Scented Candle

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