Where can you use scented candles in your home? And how to choose the scented candle fragrance?



Home is a private space, and indoor fragrance is an existence only to please yourself. If a person’s perfume is an existence that the outside world labels you and imprints others, then indoor fragrance is more like a smell palace created by yourself, it is only used to please yourself. A good home environment is indispensable for the existence of such blind soul elements. Lighting a candle or opening a bottle of fireless reed diffuser and enjoying the solitude of your own mind are the most relaxing moments of the day.

When choosing scented candles, consider the season and mood first. Floral in spring and fruity in summer. When you have important work to do and feel stressed and need positive energy, lemongrass scented candles are a great choice.

Want to enjoy the beauty of scented candles, this thought is far from enough. In addition to considering the season and mood, we also give each room a unique personality with scented candles in different scents.

——Kitchen and Dining Room

The kitchen and dining room are the areas of the home where the flavors are the most mixed, and it’s best to use candles with flavors based on delicious food. Such as thyme and basil leaves, or fresh apple, cucumber, pear and more.




—–Living room

The living room is the most dynamic place in the whole house, where friends gather and watch TV. Therefore, the choice of the scent of candles in the living room must conform to the positioning. For daily use, fresh floral fragrances such as roses and peony are the most suitable; the simple taste of sandalwood can create a leisurely afternoon time; the slightly earthy and grassy grassy fragrance can bring a natural breath; if you want to entertain friends, Then wild berries or passion fruit are the most popular.





In order to get rid of the smell of the toilet, it is best to choose a candle in the toilet that can give people a feeling of “breathing the face”, such as the smell of fresh clothes or the smell of cool ocean. The fresh and refreshing woody or citrus scent can effectively remove the odor left by cooking or toileting, such as cypress forest, lemon, lime, grapefruit, grapefruit, bergamot, etc.





Lavender, known as the universal aromatherapy, has the effect of relieving irritability, calming and soothing sleep, and chamomile and white sandalwood also have hypnotic and relaxing effects. For the bedroom, if you want to create a romantic atmosphere in such a private place, you can also choose rose-flavored fragrances. If a good night’s sleep is what you’ve always wanted, relaxing flavors like vanilla, eucalyptus or mint are also a good ideal.




—–Study Room

Use a small amount of mint or lemongrass scent in your study or reading corner to refresh your mind, invigorate your spirits and help you do cognitive work well. In addition, ink, pine, and eucalyptus scents that make people feel calm and trustworthy are also good choices.




Each room should have its own unique scent, and a fragrance journey can also be carried out in the private space. Obsessed with fragrance, it will bring infinite beauty and fun to life.

Post time: Jun-27-2022