Why Can’t I Smell My Diffuser Anymore? & How to fixes?

If you’ever encountered a reed diffuser that doesn't smell, but don’t know why, this article will help you understand the many reasons why your reed diffuser might not be smelling and how to fit it.

1. Olfactory fatigue

Not being able to smell your reed diffuser any more could be as simple as being noseblind. Aafter a long time you can get used to the same scent over and over again, you may stop smelling it. There is an easy way to fix this issues. To buy 2-3 reed diffuser with different fragrance, use them interchangeably, and replace the space and position of the fragrance in time, then the sense of smell will become sensitive again and feel the rich fragrance.

2. Flip the reeds regularly

It might make your reed diffuser run out quicker, but flipping the reeds regularly encourages the fragrance to be released, therefore making it smell stronger. We recommend flipping the reeds weekly to make the most of the scent.

How to use reed diffuser

3. Replace the reeds

If you still have a lot of oil left and you flip the reeds regularly but can’t smell it, the reeds may have become too saturated or clogged with dust. In this situation, simply replace the reeds and continue using it as normal.

4. Diffusion Range

In fact, the aroma will spread throughout the room where the air is circulating, and you will smell it when you enter the room. In many cases, think of the diffuser as a bouquet of flowers that you can smell as you walk by, but don't necessarily fill the room with the aroma. Especially when the room exceeds 20 square meters, it is also very normal to smell the smell within 1 square meter around the aromatherapy~

Solution: For rooms over 20 square meters, it is recommended to place two bottles of reed diffuser.

Post time: Oct-26-2022