Why more customers prefer to use glass bottles? Part 2

Reason 3: Maximize the taste and value of cosmetics

In the market, various skin care concepts are emerging in an endless stream, and various glass bottles are dazzling. Many products sell not only efficacy, but also fashion and culture. The fashion and cultural nature of cosmetics bottle is usually what we call taste.

How to reflect the taste of cosmetics, in addition to product advertising and product counter display, glass bottles are an important link and an important carrier. A decent glass bottle can not only directly stimulate the senses of consumers, but also fully reflect the taste of the product. In addition, the heaviness of the Cosmetics glass bottle can double the trust of consumers and improve the grade of cosmetics, which cannot be achieved by plastic bottle packaging.

Cosmetics are "selling dreams, fashion, and hope", and the psychological value of cosmetics is very important. For example, the price of the same bottle of 5g cream, Skin Key, Guerlain, Sea Blue Mystery, La Prairie, etc. can be as high as thousands 10,000 yuan, while domestic brands are generally only a few hundred tens of yuan or even lower. Therefore, the price of this cream covers the psychological value of the appearance of the product itself, glass bottle decoration, trademark, corporate image and other factors.

In summary, plastic packaging materials cannot be compared with glass products in terms of attracting customers and expressing brand, taste, value, etc.

Glass Bottle

Reason 4: Glass Material bottles can be recycled and reused without pollution to the environment

Under the "Plastic Restriction Order", new packaging materials that are green, environmentally friendly and reused have become an inevitable choice for enterprises, and of course cosmetics are no exception.

As the leading country in Cosmetics Bottle Product, France has always been reluctant to accept plastic products, and various "plastic restriction orders" have emerged one after another.

Therefore, glass bottles can be recycled and reused without pollution to the environment, which should be one of the important reasons why high-end cosmetics prefer glass bottle packaging.

Glass Material Bottle

Post time: Oct-20-2022