Company Profile


Who we are?

Ningbo Jingyan Trading Company located in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. It’s a young, passionate and developmental company. This company is a One-Stop Shop for reed diffuser accessories and cosmetic packaging.

The business covers:
 Reed Diffuser Accessories : Fiber Stick, Rattan Stick, Diffuser Glass Bottle, Diffuser Cap, Candle Jar, Perfume Bottle etc.
 Cosmetic Package: Essential bottle, Cream Jar, Lotion Bottle, Spray Pump Bottle etc.

The company has two factories in Jinhua and Huzhou Zhejiang Provance with a total area of 28,000m². It’s ISO9001-2015 certificated and has a perfect quality control process. In the production process, the five major factors that will affect the product quality is human, machine, material, method and environment, are strictly controlled and run through each production link. The product quality meets international standards. The company is committed to serving customers as the basis, to meet the continuous needs of customers, to help customers reduce costs, and provide the best quality, service and competitive price.

Why choose us?

Diversified Products--Huge Selection

Diffuser Bottle, Diffuser Cap, Diffuser Stick, Candle Jar, Perfume Bottle, Essential bottle, Cream Jar, Lotion Bottle, Spray Pump etc. More than 1000+ items can be supply. Meet different customer needs. Help Customer to achieve One-Stop Shipping to saving customers sourcing time and shipping cost.


Professional Team

Business Team

Most of the business team been deeply involved in this indurstry for 7-8 years and some even longer. They have extensive experience in reed diffuser and cosmetic packaging industry. Our business team not only can provide customers with high-quality service, good price, but also to provide customers with effective advice to help customer in any project.

R&D Team

We strongly believe that Innovation and Technology Orientation are the most important factors in our competitive business advantages. Therefore, we reinvest 20%-30% of our total profit back into R&D each year.

Our R&D Competitive Advantages:
● Full Service Spectrum
● Competitive Design&Manufacturing Cost
● Unique and Outstanding Talent
● Abundant External Resources
● Expedited R&D Lead Time
● Flexible Order Volume Acceptable.

Production Ability


The company factory in Huzhou is specialized in diffuser sticks--Fiber Stick. The factory have 14 machines, each machine can produce 200KGS fiber stick per day. The total annual capacity is around 1,022,000KGS. For example: 3mm*20cm fiber stick annual capacity is around 1,328,600,000PCS.

Quality Control

Raw Material

Each batch of main raw materials comes from the partners cooperated more than 10 years to ensure the reliability of the products from the source. Each batch of raw materials will undergo component inspection before production to ensure that the finished product is qualified.


The production workshop will make arrangements after the inspection of raw materials is in place. At least two engineers cross-check the equipment and  production line before production.

Finished Product

After each batch of products is produced, two quality inspectors will conduct random inspections on each batch of finished products in accordance with the requirements of the standard and leave quality samples to be sent to customers.

Final Inspection

The QC department will inspect each batch of products before shipment. Inspection procedures include product size, color, quality, packing etc. All these are approved by the QC and then sent to the customer.