2022 Popular Black Color Customize Design Ash Material Wooden Lid For Diffuser Bottle

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The wooden cap is a product with a variety of materials and a wide range of uses. Use with diffuser glass bottles to increase the creativity of the product.
Material: Ash
Color: Black
Size: D 55mm x H 30mm

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Item: Wooden Lid
Model Number: JYCAP-007
Application: Reed diffuser/ Air Freshener/Home Fragrance
Material: Ash
Size: D 55mm x H 30mm
Color: Black
Packing: Neatly arrangement packaging
MOQ: 2000pcs
Price: Based on Size, Quantity
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment: T/T,Wester Union
Port: Ningbo/Shanghai/Shenzhen
Samples: Free samples

Product customization

The customizability of the product is not intended to increase the selling point and more creativity of the product, and it also increases a lot of possibilities for customers to choose.
For the cap to match the glass bottle perfectly, the size must be the same.

A can be the same as the diameter of the glass bottle, so that the lid and the glass bottle are integrated.
B Under the premise of not affecting the appearance, it can be made smaller and the cost is also reduced.
Height: This is completely customized, but it must be higher than the diameter of the glass bottle to ensure that the liquid will not leak.
The color is completely according to the customer's own preferences, you can use the original wood color, or make it black.

Black Wooden Cap

Diversification of materials

Essential parts of aromatherapy products: Diffuser glass bottle, lid, Reed Diffuser stick.
The lid can be aluminum lid, plastic lid or wooden lid.
The utilization rate of wooden covers is also very high, because different wooden covers have different characteristics, so different shapes also need to be made of suitable materials.

Characteristics: yellowish-white (sapwood) or slightly brownish (heartwood), with distinct but uneven growth rings. Elastic and tough, wear-resistant and moisture-resistant, difficult to dry.

Rubber wood
Features: The wood is light yellowish brown or yellowish white, with medium hardness and good plasticity. It is produced in dry areas in the north and is not easy to crack.
Uses: furniture, cutting boards and furniture accessories


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