Black Rattan Diffuser Stick

Short Description:

Size: 3mmX30cm. Accept Customised.
Color: Black. Accept Customised.
Feature: High quality raw material, Fast wicking, Excellent fragrance Throw, Multiple Colour, Don’t fade.

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Model Number: JY-006
Application: Reed diffuser/ Air Freshener/Home Fragrance
Material: RATTAN
Size: 2mm-15mm Diameter; Length:Customised
Color: Black,Natural,Gray,Brown,Pink,Red, Green; Accept Customised.
Packing: Bulk/Polybag/Ribbon/Envelop
Price: Based on Size
Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Payment: T/T,Western Union
Certificate: MSDS, SVCH
Port: Ningbo/Shanghai/Shenzhen
Samples: Free samples


High Quality Raw Material

Our black rattan stick are dyed of the highest quality rattan in Indonesia, which are smooth, less burs appears, which is porous and lightweight. And our rattan reeds stick undergoes heat treatment by microwave and dry treatment. Heat treatment process could achieve the purpose of sterilization. And the dry treatment to keep the rattan reed’s humidity around 11% to ensure that the rattan stick will not get moldy.

3 Different type of black rattan stick

Only high quality dyes are used in our dyeting process of colored rattan diffuser sticks.

According to customer’s perfume formula, we have 3 different types rattan stick for customer choose.

1. Type A: Common rattan stick.
2. Type B:Oil Based rattan stick, suitable for Oil based and Alcohol based reed diffuser
3. Type C: Water based rattan stick, suitable for Oil based, Alcohol based and Water based reed diffuser.

Alcohol Based

Oil Based

Water based

Type A



Type B


Type C

Note: Subject to your final test in your reed diffuser formula. Provide Free Samples for your testing.

Rattan Diffuser Reeds VS Bamboo Reeds3

Use Tips

How oftern should the diffuser reeds be replaced?

Generally, 150ml of essential oil can be used for about 3 month (the duration of use is related to the number of fiber sticks, space, temperature, and air flow). During this period, the fiber stick man absorb dust and other impurities in the air and block the stick so it is recommended to 2-3 month to re-place rattan.

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