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As a good thing to increase the quality of life, scented candles, Say goodbye to the difficulty of choosing scented candles and choose your favorite scented candles.

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Name: Candle Glass Jar
Item Number: JYCJ-007
Size: D 7 x H 8.4cm
Material: Glass + Wooden
Color: Transparent or Customize
Usage: Home Perfume
MOQ: 3000 pieces.(MOQ can be lower if we have stock.)
10000 pieces (Customized logo)
Customized Service: Accept buyer's Logo;
Painting, Decal, Screen printing, Frosting, Electroplate, Embossing, Fade, Label etc.
Delivery Time: *In stock: 7 ~ 15 Days after order payment.
*Out of stock: 20 ~ 35 days after oder payment.

Romance, style, fun, sense of ritual, quality of life, pamper yourself all scented candle label. Lighting a good quality scented candle can greatly enhance your mood and feel your quality of life instantly.

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Candle Color

Scented candles are a beauty product, so the first sight is the most important.

In addition to the regular transparent colors, black and white are more popular.

There are also blue, yellow, green, pink, etc. sales are also very good, this bright color series is not processed in the post, it is directly produced using colored materials. So don't worry about quality issues such as color loss.

Colored Candle

How to choice a good Candle Jar?

A scented candle, consisting of a candle and a packaging

The main body of the candle mainly depends on the wax and fragrance used, as well as the fragrance type, while the packaging mainly depends on the appearance.


Can be divided into paraffin wax, vegetable wax, beeswax, mixed wax. Try to choose scented candles extracted from plants, such as soybean wax, which will be healthier, pollution-free, burn more fully and last longer.


Divided into two kinds of natural and artificial, natural flavors can be divided into two kinds of plant and animal.


Because of the development of the modern spice industry, the perfumer's level of fragrance has been improved, the imagination is rich, and the fragrance types are also more and more.

Scented Candle Jar

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