Customizable Different Size Black Diffuser Stick Cotton Wick For Reed Diffuser

Short Description:

Size: 3mm*20cm



Feature: Fast wicking, Excellent fragrance Throw, Engineered not clog,Multiple Colour

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Item: Fiber Stick
Model Number: JY-013
Application: Reed diffuser/ Air Freshener/Home Fragrance
Material: Polyester Yarn
Size: 2mm-15mm Diameter; Length:Customised
Color: Black,White,Gray,Brown,Pink,Red, Green; Accept Customised.
Packing: Bulk/Polybag/Ribbon/Envelop
Price: Based on Size
Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Payment: T/T,Western Union
Certificate: MSDS, SVCH
Port: Ningbo/Shanghai/Shenzhen
Samples: Free samples

Product Introduction


Premium Material

Fiber sticks are made with Polyester Yarn which can absorb the fragrance and release the aroma into the air. They are innovatively designed diffuser sticks for high-performance fragrance throw. Non-Poisonous, Safe, Flameless, Effective.

Under the same temperature, humidity and wind speed, one 150ml reed diffuser with 15% essential oil and with 6-8 fiber sticks 3mm diameter, and 200mm long. This combination can last for 2 month. The more the quantity of fiber sticks, the larger the contact area between the liquid and the air, the faster the essential oil evaporates, the shorter the use time, and the stronger the fragrance.


Rattan & Fiber Stick Difference

The function of rattan and fiber stick is the same but they are different in many ways.

1. Material:

Fiber Stick: It is 100% Polyester Yarn

Rattan Stick: Its dry plant called “rattan”




2. Surface:

Fiber Stick: Smooth Surface and very straight

Rattan Stick: Textured and will be bended a bit

Fiber Stick



3. Bottom

Fiber Stick Bottom: No holes

Rattan Stick Bottom: Have 20-80 holdes each piece

Black Rattan Stick
Fiber Stick

4. Work Differently

Fiber stick absorb and transmit the perfume oil through the gaps between one piece polyester filament and another piect polyester filament. And rattan stick absorb and transmit the perfume oil through the vascular pipes (holes)

 5. Diffusing performance

Under the same temperature, humidity and wind speed, thehe diffusing performance of fiber diffuser stick is much better (faster) than the rattan diffuser sticks in most diffuser liquids.

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